Siddhartha is a 1922 novelette by Hermann Hesse, a German-Swiss poet and novelist awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946. It explores the spiritual quest of an Indian young man named Siddhartha during the time of the Gautama Buddha. Lyrical and philosophical, the book was influential during the 1960s as it rediscovered Oriental wisdom as an antidote to mechanistic civilization. In a certain sense, Siddhartha is a reflection of Hesse’s yearning for deliverance from the bondage of individuality. However, this keen searching doesn’t always meet with positive response in academia. The objections include Hess as an unintellectual guru, or Siddhartha as a false portrayal of Buddhism combined with Western individualism.

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Birdman, or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, is an acclaimed American black comedy film winning the 2014 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography. Despite its genre as a comedy, it arouses such turbulent emotions as pity and fear much like a tragedy. It’s not just a story about a washed-up superhero trying to regain his power. Rather, it’s a mirror of every one of us struggling to be relevant in our time, a projection of the universal fear that we don’t exist.

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There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity  

The best quote in the film, also a thematic sentence, conveys the importance of our inner value in creating beauty and order out of the chaos of human life. Amazingly, so heavy a message can be delivered through such a lighthearted tone of the film. To me, no better words can describe the film than “entertainingly significant.” It keeps me in high spirits for the rest part of the day after watching it. In memory of this delightful experience so that it will leave some traces in my life, I write down what it is all about. Basically, it is an appealing artwork featuring a balanced structure, picturesque scenes, and thrilling suspense. But most significantly, it touches the big philosophical question---the meaning of life.    

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Sisyphus Myth Redefined: Richard Taylor’s “The Meaning of Life”



The ancient myth of Sisyphus is a paradigm of a meaningless life featuring pointlessness and futility. However, Richard Taylor gives this myth a twist, interpreting it from a new angle. He argues that Sisyphus’ life can have meaning on the condition that he has a “strange and irrational impulse “to roll stones, however bizarre this impulse may be. Also, if the stones rolling back from the mountaintop can be used to build a beautiful temple, then, Sisyphus’ labor doesn’t come to nothing. Like the glimmering light in the darkness of human existence, Taylor’s viewpoints provide an existentialist leap for those suffering from the meaninglessness of their life.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.


The classic quote from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice never dies. It finds numerous incarnations in romance throughout the world. The universal appeal of romance lies in its depiction of a utopian world of love, which is passionate, eternal, and most importantly, faithful. In this phenomenal world of inconstancy and decay, the perfect state in romance offers a vicarious satisfaction for the disappointed souls, however temporary it is.

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每當教材提及阿米許 (Amish) 文化,就想到 1985 年的 證人 」。 這部影片的主軸除了英雄主義以外,對邊緣的次文化也多有著墨,是不錯的教學影片。剛正不阿的警官對上貪腐的上司,最後邪不勝正,雖說是公式般的定律,但可以滿足現實生活中對正義的渴求,這是英雄片永遠存在的理由,一如浪漫愛情片,替代性的滿足大眾對永恆不朽愛情的嚮往。


片中呈現的 Amish 文化,自然樸質,是現代科技文明的反襯及反省。從服裝到家居,單純的白、黑、藍色調所表達的不僅是清教徒的自律嚴謹,更是對抗資本主義物質崇拜的一種姿態。手作的家具及食物,讓人和生存環境有了密切的聯結,不再有都會的疏離感。另外,把個人的價值,定位在對團體的貢獻上,也是避免疏離的好選擇。片中有一幕特別強調社群生活的凝聚力,男人們合力為一對新人建穀倉,女人小孩們則編織或送食物供大家享用。互助合作的生活模式大大降低了因個人主義所帶來的孤寂感,這點值得深思。在利益他人的過程中才能彰顯自己生命的價值,不管是東方的佛教或西方的耶教,對於此點,都有相同的論述。

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that election in Taiwan is nothing more than a melodrama full of tears, sound and fury, signifying nothing.


Election in Taiwan is a carnival festivity; the hierarchy of high and low, rich and poor is temporarily debunked when candidates implore electorates to give them a vote. The common populace enjoys a transitory delusion of their power, knowing that after the festivity, everything will be restored to its former state; the high and low, the rich and poor will resume their respective roles.

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本篇文章的目的在介紹「北非諜影」這部電影,為何多年來一直屹立不搖,成為美國人心目中經典中的經典。它的魅力在哪裡? 以下引述維基百科對它的註解: 「「北非諜影」是一部1942年的美國愛情電影,世界史上最成功的經典電影之一。本片榮獲1944年奧斯卡的最佳影片、最佳導演,和最佳改編劇本獎。這部電影的角色、劇情、以及主題曲 都成為了一種文化標誌。2007年美國編劇協會公佈影史「最偉大的101部電影劇本」名單,由「北非諜影」奪冠。」

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「莎翁情史」(Shakespeare in Love)於1998年上映,榮獲多項殊榮。它被歸類為浪漫愛情喜劇,主要內容是描繪伊莉莎白時期英國劇場的盛況,文學才子投入劇本的創作,讓劇場充滿生命力。戲劇同時也凝聚社會各階層的人民,雅俗共賞,貧冨齊聚一堂,一同徜徉在虛擬的舞台世界,應和著演員們的情緒,和他們同悲同喜,讓心靈得到替代性的滿足。這就是劇場千古不變的魅力。本片藉莎翁的一段情史,向當時的劇場致敬。另外一個重要的議題,本片也有肯定的答案。到底是戲如人生抑或人生如戲? 是藝術模仿人生還是人生模仿藝術?

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Discourses everywhere:

As if we don't know how to love our mother, social media taught us the ways---Flowers, gifts, feasts make this grand day a commercialized holiday. "Buy your mother something," so said the commercials. We are hailed by the dominant discourse, inescapably, resignedly and unknowingly!  Once the Festivity drops, everyone goes back to the normal world with dear mothers standing at the kitchen sink, washing toilets, drying laundry, making bed...... 

A structuralist analysis:     

"I love you, mother!" means "I'm always forgetting you!" Always without you in my mind, acutally, mother. But this day enforces the memory of you, eliciting the sentiment of gratitude in me, which lies dormant, languid, undisturbed in the depth of my heart. The space for a mother is monotonous. The sound of a mother, while sonorous, meets a dead end. Unlike lovers' world, mother' world is full of soliloquy without passionate or due response from the other side. Love message beckons an immediate and frenzied echo; mother's message waits for time to reverberate.

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