It’s a truth universally acknowledged that election in Taiwan is nothing more than a melodrama full of tears, sound and fury, signifying nothing.


Election in Taiwan is a carnival festivity; the hierarchy of high and low, rich and poor is temporarily debunked when candidates implore electorates to give them a vote. The common populace enjoys a transitory delusion of their power, knowing that after the festivity, everything will be restored to its former state; the high and low, the rich and poor will resume their respective roles.


Election in Taiwan is a Roman style of vomiting, very much like the quarrel between lovers as illustrated in Roland Barthes’ Lovers’s Discourses: “I tickle my uvula, (I rouse myself to contestation), I vomit (a flood of wounding arguments), and then, quite calmly, I begin eating again (207). The candidates adopt the role of lovers, keeping swallowing and regurgitating their wounds. They spin, unwind and weave new accusations each day until the end of election.


Election in Taiwan is an invisible enframing machine reducing humans to three types of entities---the blue, green and middle. Those who support the blue party are labelled the conservative and nostalgic embracing Mainland China. Those who support the green party are self-claimed Taiwanese with exclusive rights to love and own this island. Those who belong to the middle path are the sober and rational who insist on justice. The activation of this enframing machine is the opening of Pandora’s Box, from which all the misery arises.             








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