Discourses everywhere:

As if we don't know how to love our mother, social media taught us the ways---Flowers, gifts, feasts make this grand day a commercialized holiday. "Buy your mother something," so said the commercials. We are hailed by the dominant discourse, inescapably, resignedly and unknowingly!  Once the Festivity drops, everyone goes back to the normal world with dear mothers standing at the kitchen sink, washing toilets, drying laundry, making bed...... 

A structuralist analysis:     

"I love you, mother!" means "I'm always forgetting you!" Always without you in my mind, acutally, mother. But this day enforces the memory of you, eliciting the sentiment of gratitude in me, which lies dormant, languid, undisturbed in the depth of my heart. The space for a mother is monotonous. The sound of a mother, while sonorous, meets a dead end. Unlike lovers' world, mother' world is full of soliloquy without passionate or due response from the other side. Love message beckons an immediate and frenzied echo; mother's message waits for time to reverberate.

Unrequited love:

Say "I love you, mother" once a year and mothers rejoice, taking on the labor for the rest of the year. Say "I hate you. mother," and mother's' heart is broken but still, she goes on loving. Hate, howerver ingrained, vanishes at the sight of her beloved's smile. What is this thing called motherly love? Unselfish yet unrequited, it nourishes the creatures growing wherein. Fertile or barren, a mother is a land capable of cultivating different crops. Yet, Mother Earth needs to know her role. She is the provider of nourishment, not the receiver and her love is never requited.


Letting go:

When boys and girls grow and develop a strong crust which mothers can’t penetrate, it’s time to let go. Let them go as further as they can without grudge or remorse, as Linda Pastan’s poem “To a Daughter Leaving Home” depicts:


When I taught you

at eight to ride

a bicycle, loping along

beside you

as you wobbled away

on two round wheels,

my own mouth rounding

in surprise when you pulled

ahead down the curved

path of the park,


I kept waiting

for the thud

of your crash as I

sprinted to catch up,

while you grew

smaller, more breakable

with distance,


pumping, pumping

for your life, screaming

with laughter,

the hair flapping

behind you like a

handkerchief waving











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  • Wendy
  • Recently, no matter it is Father's Day or Mother's Day, it seems to be normal that everyone is asking,"What are we going to send for our mother/father this year?" We children might think the more expensive gift we send, the happier our parents would be. But is it necessary? I don't think so. I believe even if we just write them a hand-made card or give them a hug and say "I love you", they would be much more happier than giving them an expensive present. After all, parents may just want their children understand what and how hard they have done for their lovely kids.
  • Indeed, what parents need is not the gift itself but kids' love and gratitude.

    holly 於 2017/05/21 14:38 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • Doreen
  • I saw an article which write good sentences like this. " Not every word you say touches the heart of people, but sweet words works wonders. "
    Every night, i call my mom to say what happened today and say i love her. This behavior keeps our relationship more closely than before.
  • Indeed, sweet and sincere words work wonders. A close relationship between mother and daughter is the most valuable thing in the world.

    holly 於 2017/06/13 20:12 回覆