Conversations with God (與神對話) by Neale Donald Walsch is a morale booster meant to encourage the wretched people struck hard by fate. It may well be called a modern version of the Book of Job. Job is a God-fearing and righteous man, just as Neale is an ordinary, law-abiding guy. Yet, both are afflicted with misery for no reason --- the one suddenly deprived of all the possessions and cursing in dust and ashes, while the latter breaking his neck in a car accident, losing his job and becoming a  homeless bum struggling to stay alive. Both have consoling friends to help them weather through the difficulty. But Job's are beguiling, God-blaspheming ones while Neale's are kind-hearted ones who help him survive the harsh living condition. Both stories deal with a complete loser full of anger and bitterness toward God. Both have the theme of redemption embodied through the repentace for human ignorance. Through God's enlightening words, both characters are awakened from their dark world and regain their life.

Job's God calls from a whirlwind, showing him how little he knows about His creation. Overwhelmed by God's power, Job acknowledges his weakness and limited  knowledge. His repentance earns him twice as much property as before and an extremely long life. Similarly, Neale's God awakens him from his sleep, questioning and instructing him about the true meaning of life. Enlightened by God's words, he becomes a spiritual messenger and a bestselling author who devotes himself to preaching God's wisdom. Like Job, he is rewarded a prosperous life because of his faith in God. The following are God's inspiring words for Neale and for us:  

The way to reduce the pain which you associate with earthly experiences and events—both yours and those of others—is to change the way you behold them.

I tell you this: You are your own rule-maker. You set the guidelines. And you decide how well you have done; how well you are doing. For you are the one who has decided Who and What You Really Are—and Who You Want to Be. And you are the only one who can assess how well you’re doing.

I tell you this: There is no coincidence, and nothing happens “by accident.” Each event and adventure is called to your Self by your Self in order that you might create and experience Who You Really Are.

To live your life without expectation—without the need for specific results—that is freedom. That is Godliness.

There is nothing scary about life, if you are not attached to results.

A Master blesses calamity, for the Master knows that from the seeds of disaster comes the growth of Self.

I am telling you that your perception of ultimate reality is more limited than you thought, and that Truth is more unlimited than you can imagine.

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